3 Ideas to Drink More Water

3 Ideas to Drink More Water

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going through a heat wave, or are somewhere very warm. Many of us forget to drink water at regular intervals in our day, and sometimes it’s just a matter of taste. While I generally like the taste of water, I do enjoy infusing it with some natural flavors to spice it up on occasion. Here’s 3 ideas to drink more water from over on the Living Awareness site.

3 Ideas to Drink More Water

Dehydration affects the nerves and can elevate anxiety, restlessness and irritation. Dehydration also increases your body’s use adrenal hormones, which are hot hormones that make you even hotter… whew! Time to hydrate!

Here’s a simple hack that’s been well-received in my household that I’ve been doing for a long time. I also would love to hear; how do you deal with summer’s heat in your house?

Do you have a Hydration Station?

Being healthy is a series of small habits that add up. When you try to set up health habits for your household, they fall into two categories. What your family will do and what they won’t do.

I’ve had a clinical herbal practice for over 20 years, and am always looking for simple hacks that support making good lifestyle choices easier. Setting up a hydration station is one of the things that I figured out early on that falls into the ‘will do’ category for creating household habits.

Here a few ideas for your summer hydration station

Mint is cooling. A lot of times when it’s hot out, we get overheated, our brain doesn’t function as well. Mint increases your brain power.

Rose petals are cooling. Rose petals are also nervine. They’re calming for the nervous system. One of the things that happens in summer time when the heat rises to the head, we can get irritated. Your rose petals are really good for that. They’re cooling and can help with irritation caused from over-heating.

Lavender is also calming. Summer time is great to drink nervine herbs, herbs that are calming, because of the agitation caused from overheating.


I’ve done the cucumber water infusion, and I do enjoy crushing some mint leaves in a glass of water, but I’ve not heard of lavender or rose petals. Something new to try!

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