3 Simple Stretches That Will Help Your Lower Back Pain

3 Simple Stretches That Will Help Your Lower Back Pain

I’ve had lower back pain, that started from an injury I got after I’d been working in an office for a year. It is something that takes quite a while to heal up. Now I’m more active and my back only gets tight and painful when I miss my daily walk or gym time. Here are 3 simple stretches that will help your lower back pain should you experience it.

3 Simple Stretches That Will Help Your Lower Back Pain

As you know, when one body part suffers, the whole body also suffers. For anyone suffering from lower back pain, especially from sitting for hours at a time, the hips can grow extremely tight and limit your mobility.

Giving your lower back and hips some tender love and care is crucial for optimal and pain-free living.

Before you start, if you would like, make sure you have an area rug or yoga mat handy. The added cushion will help support your back and allow you to confidently execute these pain-relieving moves. Other than that, this routine doesn’t require any equipment. Getting in looser comfy clothes doesn’t hurt either. All right, ready? Let’s get started!

Seated Twist

What You’ll Stretch: Glutes, piriformis, and opens the lower back

  • This pose is a bit more challenging, so start with your knees bent and feet on the floor
  • Straighten out your right leg and lift your left leg over (so your foot is beside the knee)
  • Lean back on your left hand to support yourself and place your right arm on the outside of your bent left leg
  • Using your left leg for leverage, push against it in the same (left) direction while keeping your spine and neck upright
  • As you breathe in and out, hold the pose as you look over your shoulder

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Supine Figure 4

What You’ll Stretch: Glutes, piriformis, lower back, and also reduces hip pain

  • Lay down on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor (hips-width apart)
  • Next, bend your left knee and place your left ankle above your knee so it’s resting against your thigh
  • Put your left hand through the ‘4’ opening and link fingers behind your right thigh
  • Keeping your head and shoulders planted against the floor, bring your right thigh towards you (If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel a stretch through your left outer hip. Then switch.)

Cow Face Legs

What You’ll Stretch: Lower back and outer hips

  • In a seated position, stack one bent knee on top of the other (it’s like over-crossing your legs)
  • Make sure to flex your feet to support yourself but, more importantly, to protect your knees
  • Once your balanced in this position, straighten your back and breathe deeply

See a few more stretches over at the source

What do you do to keep your body healthy and pain free?

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