3 Ways To Rid Your Home of Ants Naturally

naturally ant free home

Keeping my home pest free is a high priority on my list, and of course it must be done in a natural way! I like bugs just fine, outside where they belong, I don’t like them in my house. A friend of mine said over coffee one day when we were chatting about a beetle problem one of my very first apartments had “If it doesn’t pay rent, it doesn’t live here!” She’s extremely prejudiced against bugs in her house. The intensity on her face as she said it made me laugh, and that memory has stayed with me over the years.

Here’s a great video on some natural ways to rid your house of ants.

I’ve also heard that a line of cinnamon across where you find them coming in will work. Do you have ant problems in your home? How you do keep them outside where they belong?

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