4 Body Weight Exercises To Get You Fit

4 body weight exercises

Moving our bodies is so important, but it’s something that can be pushed off when we “get busy”. Life is busy, being able to do exercises without lots of equipment, can make it easier. Enter body weight exercises. You use your own body weight instead of lifting extra weights. Having strong toned muscles is good for overall health. Body weight exercises used properly could help you get your exercise routine going. This article from over on Neat Strength has 4 great body weight exercises with photos to show how to do them properly.

4 Body Weight Exercises

As an exercise newbie, you can get away with the simplest routine and make significant gains in a reasonable amount of time. No need to do 20 isolation exercises, split routines or anything like that.

4 compound exercises is all you need.

This holds true even long after you’ve become an “intermediate” trainee. These 4 exercises will give you maximal bang for your beginner’s buck:

Basically, we have a set of movements that will train our pushing and pulling strength, work our legs and improve posterior chain stability.

What about abs and crunches and sit-ups and all that?

First of all, crunches and sit-ups are lame. There are far better exercises out there that specifically work your abs. Second, the exercises listed above all work your core muscles sufficiently if done with proper form.

I can’t even do one push-up!

Don’t panic if you cannot perform even a single rep of a certain exercise listed above. You will start with an easier variation. I addressed the principles of progressing with body weight exercises in an earlier article, but for now, we will use the straight-forward method of adjusting the leverage of your body.

The Routine

Where do I start?

For each of the 4 exercises, pick one variation and try to get 15 reps. If you got 15 good reps, that variation was too easy. Pick something that’s slightly more difficult and test again. If you can do no more than 10 reps with a certain variation, that’s the one you will start this program with.

How often should I work out? How many sets/reps/seconds of rest should I do?

This routine consists of 3 workouts per week. You will do 3 sets of each exercise. Every session will be a full body workout, meaning you will perform all 4 exercises in each workout.

I’m a big fan of circuit workouts. This means you’ll do all exercises one after another. So one set of push-ups, followed by bodyweight rows, then one set of squats and one superman hold. That was one round. Now repeat for 2 more rounds.

Rest for roughly 60 to 90 seconds between rounds.

Pro tip: Rest for a fixed number of breaths. Breath slowly and deeply, 10 times. If you use a 3-count breathing pattern (in your head say “one, one thousand, two, two thousand, three, three thousand” while breathing in and the same while breathing out), you’ll end up with a resting time of about roughly 60 seconds.

See the images of exercises over on the article source

Looks pretty interesting. What kind of exercise do you enjoy doing? I find I enjoy different exercise in different seasons.

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