We all have shadow parts that need work, things we see in ourselves that we know need improvement. It could be an attitude adjustment, a flawed mindset that needs reprogramming, a heart shift, maybe it’s a circumstance that needs attention, or maybe it’s something deeper than that, something we despise so much that we have buried it deep beneath all our exteriors. It doesn’t matter if it is an emotional issue, a physical flaw, a difficult situation, hurt from the past, fear of the future, regardless of what it is, we cannot begin to expose it, unravel it, and alter it, until we fundamentally accept it. This is a crucial step in moving forward. We must stop where we are in that place and allow it to sit there without movement, without expectation. You can tell it how much you don’t understand it, but you must also tell it you are making peace with it. Acceptance of whatever it is you want to to see change in doesn’t necessarily have to be a long term acknowledgment, it doesn’t have to redefine your existence here on earth, nor does it have to be a drawn out ceremonial embrace of a forever reality, it can just be held for a moment, long enough to see it for what it is. You own it temporarily, take responsibility for it even if it isn’t your fault. When we approve of what we disapprove of, agree to disagree, we are creating an environment of acceptance; by removing the should have, could haves, maybes and have to’s, we then are able to surrender to the forces and reasons that may have caused our need for change in the first place. When we consent to the process we are currently in, then, and only then, is space created for something different to occur.

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