Energy Psychology in Prenatal Care

Energy psychology is a form of treatment stemming from Applied Kinesiology (a system of thought that also grew into Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Health Kinesiology, both of which utilize energy psychology’s concepts). As this piece [1] from Eden Energy Medicine summarizes:

George Goodheart introduced Applied Kinesiology in the mid-1960s. The fundamental lasting contribution of Applied Kinesiology is that the body can be scientifically understood, clinically assessed, and effectively treated as an energy system. Because this energy system is comprised of energy pathways that run through the organs and muscles, it is possible to assess a person’s health in terms of the functional or dysfunctional flow of energy to specific organs via an approach called “muscle testing” (thus the use of the term “kinesiology”). A dysfunctional flow of energy through the pathway that goes to the liver, for instance, can be detected and is believed to correspond with vulnerability or disease in the liver.  Restoring a healthy flow of energy through that pathway is believed to prevent illness or restore health in the liver.

As a holistic form of treatment that has no side-effects [2], there are a range of places where it’s perfectly reasonable to wish to apply it. In one of the latest articles [3] from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology they discuss one significantly experienced medical professional’s application of it.

For the past 20 years, I have integrated prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) early origins knowledge with energy psychology healing modalities in my work with pregnant moms, babies, children, young families, and adults. I find PPN and energy psychology to be an effective combination that helps clients elegantly transform those life-diminishing patterns and become more whole and present now. I believe that most of us have never fully embodied into our human form and psyche. Our journey of embodiment at the beginning of life is a wonderful place to re-connect with our selves to heal and become more of who we truly are today.

Most practitioners have training and expertise in working with the relationship between childhood experience and current issues. Many have experience with infant origins and have gained training and understanding in attachment, developmental neuroscience, and infant mental health. Yet there is still a significant gap in training therapists and healing arts practitioners in this most important and foundation-establishing period from pre-conception through birth and bonding.

I have worked with families as an obstetrical nurse, parent-infant specialist, marriage and family therapist, and prenatal and birth psychology consultant for 40 years. In 1989, I discovered prenatal and perinatal psychology and began working with babies and young children — learning from them about what they experienced in the womb and during birth and bonding, how those earlier experiences were still influencing them, and what therapies and approaches could help them heal most elegantly. It has been a truly awe-inspiring journey.

The babies, children, and families have changed my entire perspective of who babies are and what their capacities and needs are from preconception forward. I had to “relearn” the entire landscape of early development as they blew past my mainstream education and lens of what they were capable of. They revealed sentient transcendental consciousness, as well as vulnerable human awareness and needs.

PPN clinical experience and evidence lead us to an expanded understanding of the early origins of human patterns at all levels of being — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational. But even more importantly, PPN findings revolutionize the current mainstream view of human development that remains based on viewing babies as fundamentally biological beings, in which consciousness is seen to arise from brain and nervous system development.

For more, check out the lovely piece from ACEP. Or, for more perspective on alternative therapies derived from Energy Psychology, check out our articles on the SCOTT Protocol and Health Kinesiology!

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