National College of Natural Medicine Receives a Facelift

The National College of Natural Medicine is no longer!

Renamed and more prestigious, the National College of Natural Medicine received a facelift last week. Now christened the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), it will be providing the same essential services it has for decades, but with the recognition many feel it deserves. Able to offer two different degrees in 1956, the school has grown to offer multiple doctorate and master’s level programs. Educating not only a generation of naturopaths and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but masters of global health and nutrition, NUNM seems to have a bright future ahead of itself.

The Scientific Clout of Naturopathy Grows

Taken hand in hand with decisions abroad, such as the Swiss including alternative treatments within insurance mandates, this points to the larger trend of natural medicine’s growing scientific backing. We’re living in a time where more and more people are demanding alternative treatments for their medical ailments. Institutions like NUNM may hold the key in sating that desire: in applying scientific rigor to things that are commonly ignored wholly by the larger community, they’ve provided a lateral approach that can yield startling results.

As of present, they’re publicizing their research into the effects of mindfulness interventions on heart disease[1], the micro-nutrient levels of individuals with autism spectrum disorders[2], and the implications reactive oxygen species in your exhaled breath[3] may have for your health.


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[Original Image] Hodaie Engineering

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