Cupping Makes a Comeback

Cupping is making a comeback thanks to olympic athletes' interest in the subject

Cupping is making a comeback, thanks to the interest of swimmers at the Rio Olympic games. It’s a holistic form of healing in which cups are heated to produce vacuum effects on the body, loosening muscle tissue. A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s often contrasted with acupuncture and acupressure (which we’ve written a lot about). A wonderful report from 16 WNEP has more:

The practice of cupping has actually been around for thousands of years. People who offer it here in our area say they’re benefiting from all the attention.

Michael Phelps collection of gold medals in drawing attention, and so is the collection of purple spots seen on Phelps’ back and all over the bodies of several members of Team USA.

From the pools in Rio to the pools in Scranton, cupping is captivating to swimmers.


Rabbe uses heat cupping. She heats up the air inside a glass cup, creating suction. Her patient, Katie, says it doesn’t hurt, that it feels like a deep tissue massage.

Rabbe says Olympians like Phelps use cupping to increase blood flow to their muscles.

“For him, it’s helping to get rid of all those toxins and getting all the muscles to recover faster so that he can function better, getting everything loose, so he can function optimally,” Rabbe explained.

But for rest of us, Rabbe says cupping can cure things from muscle pain to chest congestion. She only suggests you get advice from a licensed acupuncturist or massage therapist before giving it a try yourself.

This is complementing the amazing rise of alternative treatments within public consciousness. The continued popularity of these methods are continuing to drive more and more people to learn about whether or not these things are right for them. To learn more, check out the original article here. Or, to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, check out one of our many articles on acupuncture or acupressure!

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