Many people are unaware of the power of enzymes. Simply put, every chemical reaction in the body requires enzymes. Enzymes also breakdown and deliver unwanted materials out of the body. As mentioned in this very helpful article by Natural Fertility Info.

“Almost all chemical reactions in the cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life. They build new proteins, cells, tissues and organs, and also break down these same tissues”

Without enzymes your body could not function. This also means that an increase in the amount and type of enzymes can assist in breaking down substances that are causing inflammation in your body. A lot of fertility issues and chronic menstrual pain can be caused by autoimmune triggers that stimulate an increase of fibrin (what scar tissues is made of). Leading to a long list of painful symptoms as well may be a result of some of the conditions linked to infertility, Endometriosis, PID, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Etc.

Systemic Enzymes are basically a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes taken on an empty stomach. The absence of food in the digestive system forces them to go directly into the blood stream and straight to the tissues to work. Automatically they begin to cleanse the blood which can have a positive effect on blockages possibly caused by scar tissue.

“The blood cleansing actions of systemic enzymes help to bring proper circulation to the reproductive system and get the “stagnant blood” cleared out, helping to remove toxins and also bringing fresh oxygenated blood to your uterus, ovaries and eggs. Imbalances which are considered stagnant are endometriosis, PCOS, heavy dark menses, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. The fresh oxygenated, free flowing blood is also able to transport more nutrients to the eggs, supporting egg health.”

Recent studies have found that taking systemic enzymes has lowered pain and inflammation in women who have many issues related to infertility.

“A randomized double-blind study was performed on 100 women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. One group was given 5 tablets of Wobenzym N, three times a day. The control group was given an NSAID drug in the usual dosage. Both groups were also given antibiotics (PID requires antibiotics). The patients were given the treatment for 16 or 17 days. Wobenzym N performed with amazing results in fighting damage to tissues, pain, inflammation and overall pelvic congestion. 57% of women using Wobenzym N were without any complaints, whereas only 6% of women who took NSAIDs were without complaints. Overall, 100% of the the patients who used Wobenzyme N reported their condition as substantially improved, compared to only 73.5 % using the NSAIDs. In addition, studies have shown Wobenzym N enhances the body’s response to the use of antibiotic medications.”

Wobenzym is a brand of broad spectrum systemic enzymes used in this study. Many clients ask me about Enzymes and which supplement brand I recommend. I have found that if you are going to use systemic enzymes, a larger quantity and a well researched high quality supplement is vital for your healing journey. I personally use and recommend Avena Originals since Wobenzym is a European product that is difficult to find here. They have been well researched and recognized by Health Canada. If you’d like to know more on finding the right enzymes for you, please inquire within, as I do carry them for purchase at my clinic.

Credits: Natural Fertility Info      Photo: woman

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