Ditch The Chemicals, Make Your Own Homemade Air Freshener!

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I find that I am sensitive to all kinds of chemical smells. But the worst tends to be the chemical “air fresheners” that people spray or have one of those wall plugins that emit a continuous spray. Chemical air fresheners can cause all kinds of health irritants with repeated exposure. Yet we still want our homes to smell nice. Here’s a great solution from over on WellnessMama site, make your own air freshener!

How Natural Air Fresheners Can Affect Mood

Smells, whether natural or not, affect our brain and body chemistry. When something is inhaled, the molecules enter into the amygdala, a part of the brain that controls emotion. (This is why smelling a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies can remind us of Christmas). Since these molecules have direct access to the brain, it’s important to watch what is inhaled.

Artificial fragrances may smell nice, but they can cause damage. The National Resource Defense Council tested fourteen air fresheners and found that most contained chemicals known to cause hormone imbalance, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

Inhaling essential oils, on the other hand, can affect the mind and mood in a positive way. Essential oils like lavender and vetiver are calming, while citrus oils are uplifting.

Why Not All Homemade Air Fresheners Are the Same

When creating natural, homemade air freshener recipes, it’s important to have a balanced blend. Artificial fragrances rely on synthetic chemicals to create a scent that will linger. Essential oils, unfortunately, evaporate much faster due to their volatile nature.

To combat this, certain essential oils are used as “base” note oils. Their constituents are heavier and the scent lingers for longer, helping to “fix” the lighter top notes.

These homemade air freshener recipes use a blend of top, middle, and base notes to create a fragrance with a little more staying power. They still won’t last as long as their synthetic counterparts, but they have actual physical benefits and make a home smell amazing.

Homemade Air Freshener Recipes

What appeals to one person may not to another, so here are four different natural air freshener recipes to try. They’re simple enough that it’s even easy to make different ones to fit the desired mood benefits.

Get the four recipes over at the WellnessMama site

Do you use air fresheners? Have you tried natural versions? What blend of oils did you find worked the best?

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