DIY: Ditch The Chemicals And Make Your Own Skin Care

I love coconut oil. I make my own toothpaste from it. I use it as a body cream, rub it into dry heals, and use it to repair split ends in my hair. But when I saw the graphic from Health Perch, I had to share.

Even I didn’t realize is just how versatile coconut oil really is. Sure, coconut oil rocks on its own, but combining it with other all-natural and organic ingredients takes its uses to the next level. Our friends at Health Perch are making it easy in the awesome skin care infographic below. Coconut oil eyeliner, coconut oil sunscreen … the possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite way to use coconut oil?

Health Perch has awesome infographics and instructions on healthy living. Head on over and see what else you can do for yourself.

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