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Your 20’s to 40’s is the time to protect your sight. Nutritional deficiencies and strain contribute to macular degeneration in old age. Once you already have reduced vision or have a macular bleed it is to late to do much about it. Sight is such a precious gift.

Pay attention to what you eat. Gabriela Kiprovska at Health and Love will give you a great eating plan to help your eyes. It is especially important for women during child bearing years. The process of pregnancy and nursing depletes some of the critical nutrients for the eyes. You must eat well and/or supplement for your eyes to ensure you will have good eyesight to see your grand kids one day.

Aside from eating right, moving your eyes is critical. They are muscles after all. Check out the exercises and get moving, especially if you spend a lot of time staring at a screen.

#7: Gazing into the dark
The next few exercises are specifically for the eyes. With your elbows on the table, put your palms over your eyes, the pinkies crossing over, and keep your eyes closed for one to three minutes.
#8: Moving the eyes from side to side
Sitting or standing up straight, look straight ahead and then from left to right, concentrating on what you see in each direction. Then move your eyes from side to side three times. Repeat the whole cycle five times, as also with the following exercises.
#9: Moving the eyes up and down
This is the same as the preceding except for the direction of eye movement. Frowning and wrinkling are good for the eyes, so don’t be afraid to do those things.
#10: Moving the eyes diagonally
This is a third variation on the above theme.
#11: Rolling the eyes around
Here is yet another. Just hold the head still and make a circle with your eyes. do both directions.

You won’t be sorry if you follow Gabriela’s advice.
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