Gid Rid of Toxins for Your Health

In today’s toxic world, we are learning rapidly how bad the chemical contamination really is. I was at a conference this week and heard Dr Davita talk. She said that Febreeze has 86 chemicals that are not even listed on the label as they are protected under “proprietary information”. Supposedly “trade secrets” but really if they listed them, no one would buy it. We have more than 10,000 approved chemicals but less than 500 have adequate safety studies done.  So, it is critical to start noticing what we are using and eliminating the worst of them. Linda Easthouse has laid out an straight forward plan to get you started:

Clean up your life and watch your health improve.

Natural chemicals, such as an excess of certain minerals, and synthetic (man-made) chemicals including pesticides, food additives, and prescription drugs, are all damaging to the body. Harmful chemicals include ALL chemicals that can hurt one’s body. There are three primary ways to rid the body of harmful chemicals.

  1. AVOID KNOWN TOXINS – The first way is the obvious way. Avoid ingesting toxic chemicals.  In other words, a person can avoid eating, drinking, and breathing toxic chemicals.  It’s also important to avoid putting toxic chemicals on one’s skin, because the body can absorb many toxic chemicals through the skin, and into the person’s blood stream and lymphatic system.
  2. ASSIST THE LIVER AND KIDNEYS TO WORK BETTER – The second way to rid the body of toxic chemicals is to encourage the liver and kidneys to work better, since these body organs help to rid the body of many different types of chemical toxins.
  3. RELEASE STORED TOXINS – The third way to rid the body of chemical toxins is to encourage one’s body to release any harmful chemicals that are presently stored in the tissues.

I highly suggest that each person do all three of these approaches to be as free as is realistically possible of many toxic chemicals.

Read the details here:

Also check out more of her work to help you clean up your life at Pushing the Reset Button


Image: Public Domain Thanks Sheri Weinsheimer

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