Epson Salts Belong In Your Medicine Cabinet

Epson salts have been used as a bath for sore muscles, but it is so much more. We go through a lot of epson salts at our house. Be sure when you buy them that they are unscented or scented with natural essential oils. Epson salts are often scented with “fragrance”, which is a cancer causing chemical that you certainly don’t want to soak in or put on your tomatoes.

Epson Salts is important because it is a primary source of Magnesium. Check here for why you need magnesium.

Wellness Mama has put together a long list of uses for epson salts. Some of the most important to me are these.

1. Splinter Removal- Soak in concentrated epsom salt water to pull out a splinter.

2. Magnesium Foot Scrub- Make a homemade magnesium scrub (recipe here) for a boost of magnesium and super soft skin.

3. Better Vegetables- Add a tablespoon of epsom salt to the soil below a tomato plant to boost growth.

4. Facial Wash- Add a pinch of epsom salt to your usual face cleaner (or to your oil cleansing routine) for a skin exfoliating magnesium boost.

5. Tile/Grout Cleaner- Mix equal parts of liquid dish soap and epsom salts and use to scrub tile and grout. Rinse well for a streak free shine.

6. Body Aches- Add 2 cups of epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes to help relieve muscle sprains and for a transdermal magnesium boost.

Epson salts provides a cheap, easy way to avoid some really toxic products and feeds your skin.

If you want to learn more about the importance of magnesium check out Dr. Caroline Dean. The Magnesium Miracle


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