Is It Arthritis?

As we age most people will feel some joint creaks and aches. But, when it gets beyond that, it is good to know what your pain means. There are many different kinds of arthritis and they are treated differently. Pay attention to how the pain feels. Of course, look at your diet, your stress, and your trauma to reduce the pain. Cut out the CRAP: Carbonated drinks, Refined food, Artificial Foods, Processed Foods. You might be surprised how your joint pain responds to diet change.

Still it is good to know the signs of osteoarthritis.

What Osteoarthritis Pain Feels Like

Pain is pain, right? It just plain hurts. But for your doctor to figure out whether your joint pain stems from osteoarthritis, which develops as cartilage wears away, you’ll need to be specific about when the pain occurs, how bad it is, and the ways it’s affecting you.

Here are some common signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis that may help you identify and better describe your pain to your doctor:

  • Pain that aches deep into the joint
  • Pain that feels better with rest
  • Pain that isn’t noticeable in the morning but gets worse throughout the day
  • Pain that radiates into your buttocks, thighs, or groin
  • Joint pain that affects your posture and gait and may cause limping
  • Pain that occurs after using the joint
  • Swelling in the joint
  • Not being able to move the joint as much as usual
  • Feeling a sensation of bones grating or catching on something when moving the joint
  • Pain during certain activities, like standing from a seated position or using stairs
  • Pain that interferes with work, daily activities, and exercise
  • Pain that increases with rainy weather
  • Joint stiffness first thing in the morning that improves with time
  • Stiffness after resting the joint

If that doesn’t sound like your pain, check out Rhumetoid Arthitis pain [nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]

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