You often hear from the US government and big food corporations that Genetically Engineered foods are perfectly safe. However, the herbicide, glyphosphate, is proving to be highly toxic. It has been labelled as a cancer causing compound by the WHO.  GE foods (often called GMO) are engineered to withstand this chemical. GMOs are heavily drenched in RoundUp which is the most common brand name of glyphosphate. The heavy planting of Monsanto’s corn and soy and sugar beets have significantly increased the amount of RoundUp sprayed. This is a major part of why GMOs must be labeled.

The California EPA is working to label glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, as a carcinogen. Almost all GMOs are designed to be used in conjunction with glyphosate, some are called “Roundup Ready” and have been genetically engineered to withstand increased applications of these ingredients.

So the next time you hear GMOs are “safe,” think about the cancer-causing potential of spraying food crops with nearly 300 million more pounds of glyphosate this year, think about “Roundup Ready” crops and the fact that they are labeled for over 60% of the world’s population but not here.

Get the full story from the Center for Food Safety. There is a PDF with all the details to download at that link.  Thanks to Robyn O’Bryan for sharing the info from the Center for Food Safety.

image source: Public Domain Pictures

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