Anger Is Good For You

Anger has become the socially unacceptable emotion, especially for women. If you get angry you are accused of being unfeminine, of being unlikeable, and worse. In order to be liked and “respected” women tend to stuff their anger. It’s not a healthy way to live.

So many set about a lifetime of unspoken penance to becoming ‘a nice person.’ You turn down your volume, soften your step, retract your talons and acquiesce. But a terrible thing is lost in the suppression of anger – your relationship with one of your greatest allies: Instinct.

Anger arises when your heart has been offended, your values have been wronged, your beloveds are threatened, or somewhere, justice has been denied.

Anger is the catalyst to the impotence you may feel in these situations.

When anger tries to arise, it is telling you something. There is a reason for your anger which must be acknowledged. The trick is to learn to handle your anger and express it appropriately while acknowledging the instinct that it calls up. To

To-Ko-Pa has some excellent insights on how to deal with anger. Check it out here.

Thanks ToKo-Pa for sharing your wisdom on Anger.

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