Plan For The Kids’ Holiday Meltdown

The excitement, stress, lack of routine, too many sweets, too many strangers, and everything else that goes with the holidays can cause kids and their parents to have a meltdown. Training our kids in some basic emotional first aid can really help. Childhood 101 with Christie Burnett, has some great suggestions and a downloadable/printable poster. Go through it and practice it on the little bumps so you will be ready for the meltdowns.

Being prepared with a strategy for helping children through those times when they are experiencing big or overwhelming emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy or embarrassment, is one way to help both you and them to work through those emotions more effectively. It’s not about teaching our children that their emotions aren’t important or valid, or that they must be hidden or suppressed, but it is about helping them to find socially acceptable ways to express and deal with their emotions – most importantly, in ways that don’t hurt others.

Click to get your printable poster from Childhood 101.

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