Korean Study Shows Essential Oils Melt Fat

Most essential oil companies will have a blend or mix that they claim melts tummy fat. In Korea a study was actually done to test it. The results were phenomenal. Of course eating a healthy organic diet and understanding how fat is formed and stored is important. But the essential oils enter the same topical way that many toxins do. But instead of being stored they trigger the body to release the toxins and remove the fat cells. Its like magic. In the study they actually just used the oils, but you can improve on it by doing the other healthy steps to boost the oils’ performance.

What you must first understand is how topical products such as deodorant, shampoo, soaps, conditioners, toothpaste, cologne, perfume and any other topical products can actually cause you to gain fat. Many products, mostly all in fact contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body. Chemicals influence the hormonal system in the human body in a negative way. A hormone is a chemical messenger, when chemicals are applied topically under the armpits, on the skin, on your scalp, in your mouth or anywhere else on the body the skin absorbs what has been applied. If you’re applying certain chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and endocrine disrupting chemicals the body will bind the toxic by-products of these chemicals to fat. The bodies natural hormonal (endocrine) homeostasis will also be disrupted. When the hormonal system is disrupted by chemicals the body will store more fat in a protection mechanism manner.

With this being said, cutting out all chemical products are important to reduce fat. Applying chemicals on your skin, under your arms and anywhere else on or in your body (even if you spit it out) leaves a residue that your body has to deal with. To optimize your hormones (chemical messengers) to burn fat and release toxins and chemicals to be released you should be using all natural health and beauty care products with plant based ingredients.

You can also use this knowledge to your advantage, and that’s why today we’re talking about the extremely potent pure therapeutic grade essential oils. When applied topically they enter your bloodstream and have their beneficial effects to burn fat and release toxins (which reduces fat) internally. An essential oil is a distilled version of the plants chemicals. So it’s essentially the most potent plant chemical form of that plant because it’s concentrated down to the phytochemical level and held in glass bottles for best potency and application. The phyto-chemicals in the essential oils below are what do the work to release toxins and excess fat and remind your body (through chemical messaging, also known as hormones) to do what it needs to do in order to find a healthy, thin homeostasis.

Of course, this is not instant. It takes hard work to stick to the diet of clean food, replace all the chemical body products and other chemicals that your body has to deal with every day. But it is worth it because fat is controlled by hormones. Essential oils influence hormones. Certain hormones burn fat while other hormones store fat. These essential oils applied topically will remind your body that it’s time to burn fat again.

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