How To Make Your Brain Happy

November 25, 2015 purposelywell 0

It really is possible to do things to make yourself happy. Many of us believe that happiness just happens. We think that if you don’t feel happy, then you are stuck until it passes. UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb has some insights that can create what he calls an upward spiral of happiness […]

An Organic Apple Juice A Day Keeps What A Way?

November 24, 2015 purposelywell 0

It turns out that the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away is really true. Provided of course that it is a fresh, organic apple.  This fascinating study shows that just drinking fresh apple juice helps with the negative moods of Alzheimer’s victims. Wow. And it helps […]

Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Or Stroke?

November 16, 2015 purposelywell 0

It is critical for the victims survival that you know the difference and get the right treatment. We tend to use heart attack as a generic name but we need to know there signs of when it is different from cardiac arrest (often leads to rapid death) or stroke (bleeding […]

Protect Your Brain

November 3, 2015 purposelywell 1

Alzheimer’s disease and stroke are two of the most feared diseases of old age. There are many things you can do to protect your brain and prevent both of these from becoming a problem. There are 3 B vitamins that will keep your brain healthy and even slow down the […]

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