Does Acupressure Help Cancer Survivors?

July 9, 2016 purposelywell 0

Acupressure has been held as a marvel within certain communities for millennia. Now, thanks to a study published in JAMA Oncology[1], we can begin to see more of why that is. What is Acupressure? Acupressure is the stimulation of specific points on the body with gentle pressure or rubbing. Proponents […]

Polyphenols; Vegetables and Cancer

April 25, 2016 purposelywell 0

Polyphenols, an abundant type of micro-nutrient within fruits and vegetables, have been found to inhibit glucose processing and lactate transport within cancerous breast cells. This could point towards future treatments that are far less dangerous — or even supplement existent treatments in order to reduce their risks. The study [1] […]

Fighting Prostate Cancer… With Tomatoes

April 24, 2016 purposelywell 0

Prostate cancer may be prevented by a red pigment found within vegetables, according to overwhelming evidence spanning the past eight years [1,2,3,4]. As you likely guess, if you checked out any of the sources, the primary source for the pigment (lycopene) is tomatoes. This article [5], from The Monterey Herald’s […]

Blue-Green Algae May Fight Cancer

April 21, 2016 purposelywell 0

Chemicals found in blue-green algae have been shown to fight cancer, according to a new study from Oregon State University [1]. Having already provided us with spirulina, this discovery makes it seem even more fantastic. NaturalNews has a wonderful article on it: Blue-green algae contains a compound known as coibamide […]

Do Low-Fat Diets Prevent Breast Cancer?

April 17, 2016 purposelywell 0

Could a low-fat diet be integral to preventing breast cancer in post-menopausal women? A story by ScienceDaily (found here) reports some evidence that it very well could be. An association between dietary fat intake and breast cancer outcomes was suggested nearly a half-century ago but observational findings have been inconclusive. […]

Coffee Shown to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Rates

April 7, 2016 purposelywell 1

In a study of nearly 8500 people, the American Association for Cancer Research has found that just a cup of coffee each day can reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancer by up to 25% [1]. The paper notes that “[a] strong, inverse dose-response relationship between coffee drinking and risk […]

pH Levels In Blood, What’s The Big Deal?

March 18, 2016 purposelywell 0

There is a lot of buzz these days about the Alkaline Diet. Seems there are regular stories about drinking alkaline high pH water, and others. So why is keeping your blood pH balanced so important? Ty Bollinger lays out the issue for us here. The trick is to maintain balance. […]

Cell Metabolism Study Sheds New Light on Cancer

January 15, 2016 purposelywell 0

What if everything we know about cancer is wrong?  New research is showing that it is about how the cells uptake nutrients rather than something gone wrong in the cell cycle. Funny how it keeps coming back to nutrition and diet but the medical world insists that diet has nothing […]

Wifi Interfering With Your Health? Video With Dr. Gonzalez

December 20, 2015 purposelywell 1

Weeks before his untimely death in July 2015, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., met with Camilla Rees, founder of ElectroMagneticHealth, to discuss his concerns about the proliferation of wireless technologies found in our everyday life and their link to serious health concerns, including cancer. Watch the video here. Dr. Gonzalez believed there […]

Research: Ginger Vs Chemo

December 5, 2015 purposelywell 0

When it comes to cancer studies, the published reviewed studies hold more weight academically. So when Universities start publishing studies showing ginger beats chemo by 10 times, we need to pay attention. Researchers are beginning to do the rigorous clinical studies pitting natural cancer killers against chemical ones. One study, […]

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