Gid Rid of Toxins for Your Health

September 29, 2015 purposelywell 0

In today’s toxic world, we are learning rapidly how bad the chemical contamination really is. I was at a conference this week and heard Dr Davita talk. She said that Febreeze has 86 chemicals that are not even listed on the label as they are protected under “proprietary information”. Supposedly […]

How To Be Carefree and Happy Again

September 29, 2015 purposelywell 0

Do you remember what it was like to be five and free for the summer?  Do you wish you could get back to that but in a somewhat adult version of it? Your five year old self has a lot of wisdom to share.  There is a great difference between […]

Lymph System Is Your Sewage System

September 21, 2015 purposelywell 0

Your lymph is pushed around your body by the action of your tailbone and diaphragm while you are moving. Jump, walk, just move to get it going. Real Farmacy laid it our with a great diagram.  Don’t let the pipes get clogged. Your lymph is there for a purpose. Your body’s […]

Cheap, Effective Flu Remedy

September 21, 2015 purposelywell 0

The human body should be able to fight off the flu when it is in good shape. That means keep your interior terrain and systems clean so they are not hospitable to flu viruses when they arrive and your immune system kicks them out rapidly. Some of the best ways […]

Vitamins Won”t Kill You After All

September 17, 2015 purposelywell 0

Supplements and natural health products are under increasing pressure from government regulators. You would think there were massive problems and that people were getting sick from them. The truth is a little different. The subtle pressure is that there must be something wrong with them. I think supplements should supplement […]

Your Blood Pressure Med Killing You? The ESC Thinks So.

September 17, 2015 purposelywell 0

Beta-blockers are one of the most prescribed drugs. Millions of people take them daily, trusting their doctors. High blood pressure is a real problem. The question is whether beta-blockers are the answer. Doctors have to rely on the science and on the recommendation of the medical authorities in choosing what […]

Mold: Don’t Reach For The Bleach

September 16, 2015 purposelywell 0

So you found mold under the bathroom sink, or around the shower. After a quick internet search your spray it down with bleach thinking you have solved the problem. Think again. There are so many reasons why that advice is wrong. Mold grows in moist wet environments. The problem is […]

Are You Burning The Sleep Candle At Both Ends?

September 12, 2015 purposelywell 0

A sleep deficit can be more damaging that you know. Lack of sleep can lead to many health problems including obesity, adrenal fatigue, and lowered immune function. If you are cutting it short during the week, you need to catch up on the weekend. Very few people are blessed with […]

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