Top Cardiologist Goes Vegan To Lower His LDL

October 14, 2015 purposelywell 0

There is so much argument over diet these days. It is hard to know who to believe. Forks Over Knives has been promoting vegan plant-based diets to lower cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss. Dr. Kim Williams, president of the American College of Cardiology and chief of cardiology at […]

Just So You Know Re: Cancer Treatment

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

The US National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute, has been studying the medical use of week. Medical Marijuana is not the stuff that most people buy illegally on the street. If they did they would be highly disappointed as it has very little of the THC that makes you […]

Preventing Leg Cramps With Magnesium

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

Leg cramps in kids and in adults are quite different. This is specifically for adults. I’ll post for leg cramps in kids another day. The most common cause of leg cramps is simple dehydration. You need to drink warm water before you go to bed with a 1/4 tsp of […]

Fuel For The Brain

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

It is now well established that there is a strong correlation between the gut and the brain. What you eat does affect your brain. If you are concerned about developing Alzheimer’s, losing your memory as you age, or just maintaining critical thinking skills, you have to look at what you […]

Workout Bars Evaluated

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

With the focus on working out and getting your exercise, many of us have fallen for the idea that we need workout drinks and workout bars. When you check out a health food store there are pre-workout, during work-out, post-workout and more. How do you know what you need? ┬áThe […]

Are You A Turtle Head? Check Your Posture.

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

A fascinating study was done recently that tested head posture with anxiety, which of course correlates with breathing. They wanted to find out if where you carry your head affects how you feel and vice-a-verse. Sure enough it does matter. They tested groups with┬átraining to control your emotions or training […]

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Oregano Oil Belongs in the Medicine Cabinet

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

Oregano Oil is making a comeback. It has been used since the Roman times as an antiseptic and wound cleaner. It is revered for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that have been well studied. There are more than 40 types of oregano around the world, but the two that have […]

We Are Making A Difference

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

Dr Nestle, PhD, not to be confused with Nestle food corporation, speaks out against pop, or soda as it is called in some countries. She did a full length interview with Dr Mercola which you can watch: Dr Nestle interview. The soda industry is not out to make you feel […]

How Calories Work

October 13, 2015 purposelywell 0

Are you tired of people saying, “if you just eat less, you will lose weight’? We know that is not true. But, trying to find the right combination and choosing the foods that will help maintain a healthy weight is no easy task. The biggest mindset change that helps is […]

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