Overcoming Depression With Mindfulness

April 30, 2016 purposelywell 0

Mindfulness, a concept developed in Buddhism, may be effective at combating depression. Put simply by Psychology Today: “Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your […]

Could Herbal Teas Help Your Memory?

April 30, 2016 purposelywell 1

Tea drinking and aromatherapy may be back in the forefront of public attention after a new study from Northumbria University. Across multiple experiments, including lavender scented rooms and teatime testing, researchers examined 330 people’s attention and memory after exposure to different stimulus. In the first portion, 180 people were given […]

Energy Psychology in Prenatal Care

April 29, 2016 purposelywell 0

Energy psychology is a form of treatment stemming from Applied Kinesiology (a system of thought that also grew into Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Health Kinesiology, both of which utilize energy psychology’s concepts). As this piece [1] from Eden Energy Medicine summarizes: George Goodheart introduced Applied Kinesiology in the mid-1960s. The […]

Fish Oil Boosts Antidepressants

April 28, 2016 purposelywell 0

Fish oil has been known for quite some time to have beneficial cognitive effects. New research, however, is pointing to it even being capable of assisting with depression. Researchers from Harvard and The University of Melbourne collaborated to perform meta-analysis on data about Omega-3 fatty acids; finding solid evidence that […]

Lyme Disease Still Going Undiagnosed

April 27, 2016 purposelywell 1

Lyme disease causes a host of symptoms – from types of arthritis, to heart troubles; from large lesions or rashes, to dementia. Various types of Borrelia burgdorferi, injected into the bloodstream by ticks and aided by anticoagulants and immunosuppressants, are well known to be the cause. Beyond this, it’s readily treatable, testing […]

Spanking: Spare the Rod, Spare your Child

April 26, 2016 purposelywell 0

Spanking is considered by more than a few [1] parents to be necessary in disciplining children, but there are some major problems with it. Though it’s been shown time [2] and time again [3] to have a demonstrably negative effect [4] on kids, authors like Ruben claim: Fear is essential […]

Diabetes Unraveled; The Fifth Autoantigen

April 25, 2016 purposelywell 1

Diabetes has been known to be caused by the immune system’s response to four specific molecules (called autoantigens) for quite some time [1]. However, some have felt that there are problems with the current model (as discussed at length here [2]), leading others to seek more complete answers. This spurred […]

Placebos May Have a Genetic Component

April 25, 2016 purposelywell 0

Placebos may be a lot more difficult to define than previously thought, thanks to breaking research [1] on how our bodies handle these “inert” substances. Beyond merely perceiving a helpful compound being introduced, there happen to be multiple genetic indicators (called a placebome in the following text) within our bodies to act […]

Polyphenols; Vegetables and Cancer

April 25, 2016 purposelywell 0

Polyphenols, an abundant type of micro-nutrient within fruits and vegetables, have been found to inhibit glucose processing and lactate transport within cancerous breast cells. This could point towards future treatments that are far less dangerous — or even supplement existent treatments in order to reduce their risks. The study [1] […]

Fighting Prostate Cancer… With Tomatoes

April 24, 2016 purposelywell 0

Prostate cancer may be prevented by a red pigment found within vegetables, according to overwhelming evidence spanning the past eight years [1,2,3,4]. As you likely guess, if you checked out any of the sources, the primary source for the pigment (lycopene) is tomatoes. This article [5], from The Monterey Herald’s […]

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