CRISPR Modified Mushrooms Now for Sale

April 19, 2016 purposelywell 0

CRISPR modified mushrooms are going to be put on sale within the United States soon because of what some consider a loophole in legislation. CRISPR, relatively new as a type of genetic modification first showcased in 2007, relies on essential parts of a bacteria’s immune system to splice, activate or […]

SCOTT: An Alternative Therapy

April 18, 2016 purposelywell 2

The SCOTT (Stimulating Connections and Organization Through Touch) Protocol is a technique developed for assisting people with their medical, emotional, and spiritual problems. This article, from the East House Natural Health Centre, explores its nuances. So what is it and what does it do? One of the powerful methodologies included […]

An Anecdote about Diets: Off the Grid in America

April 18, 2016 purposelywell 0

Diet and nutrition are the foundations for a healthy lifestyle. This article from MotherEarthNews by Aur Beck, explores just how important it is against Aur’s background growing up on a farm. When was the last time you thought of the food you ate as medicine to feed both your body […]

Do Low-Fat Diets Prevent Breast Cancer?

April 17, 2016 purposelywell 0

Could a low-fat diet be integral to preventing breast cancer in post-menopausal women? A story by ScienceDaily (found here) reports some evidence that it very well could be. An association between dietary fat intake and breast cancer outcomes was suggested nearly a half-century ago but observational findings have been inconclusive. […]

Beet Juice Beats Nitrates for Endurance

April 17, 2016 purposelywell 0

Alex Hutchinson at The Globe and Mail published this wonderful piece on beet juice’s endurance enhancing properties. Beet juice, whose endurance-boosting properties were first revealed in 2009, is an acquired taste. It also has powerful (and inconvenient) effects on the digestive system. It’s the most talked-about athletic performance enhancer of […]

What’s Health Kinesiology?

April 15, 2016 purposelywell 2

Health Kinesiology is a modern form of alternative medicine based on “gentle muscle testing combined with verbal questioning to communicate directly with your body’s unique energy system.” [1] This is commonly done as tests to the arm’s resistance of motion, and careful monitoring of the response. Practitioners say that they […]

Does EFT Help Tension Headaches?

April 14, 2016 purposelywell 0

Emotional Freedom Techniques, more commonly abbreviated to EFT, are a hybrid of various methods based in alternative medicine. Utilizing combinations of acupressure, neuro-linguistic programming and more generalized energy medicine, EFT is said to be a wonderful remedy for a variety of emotional problems as well as surprisingly easy to do […]

Too Much Self-Control Bad for Diabetes Patients?

April 11, 2016 purposelywell 0

According to evidence published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, trying too hard to stay on-diet with diabetes may actually make things worse [1]. “People with diabetes who overexert self-control following a lapse may be especially likely to experience a subsequent relapse,” the paper’s objective states plainly, setting the […]

Soybean Oil Worse Than Sugar?

April 9, 2016 purposelywell 0

An article by Marygrace Taylor for [1] has some stunning news about soybean oil: Apparently, the Worst Food On The Planet Award should actually go to soybean oil, suggests new findings published in the journal PLoS One. Setting up a sort of dietary cage match, researchers fed mice a […]

Fruits and Veggies May Prevent Depression

April 8, 2016 purposelywell 2

A paper by the Research Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [1] points to a larger nutritional basis for depression than previously realized. In a cohort study involving over of 15,000 subjects, researchers defined three fruit and vegetable dense diets, and […]

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