August 19, 2017 Admin 0

Whether you agree or not to what extent you are to “lift the fallen”, this quote is a great reminder to us all that no matter what our purpose is on this planet, profession we hold, or beliefs we stand by, we can all be working together to hold space […]

90% of Americans Could Eat Local

September 14, 2015 purposelywell 0

Knowing where our food comes from is important. The huge corporate industrial farms should scare us. What is done to the land and the animals in that type of farming is unconscionable. We need to support local, small, organic farms that feed people locally. Of course it will require a […]

Purposely Well: Welcome To Our Community

September 7, 2015 purposelywell 0

I am so glad you found this page. Are you ready to be informed, motivated, and exited about being Purposely Well. Wellness and health in today’s world don’t just happen by chance. Staying well is not the default mode for most people. ¬†You have to purpose to stay on top […]