Bone Density Increased By Running

April 21, 2016 Amandalee 0

According to new evidence, running frequently for long distances increases bone density. Researchers at Camilo José Cela University’s Sports Science Institute [1] found runners of either gender to have increased bone stiffness compared to their less-active counterparts. The study of 122 marathon runners and an age-matched sedentary control group used […]

Calories In Calories Out Rebound Gains

February 7, 2016 Amandalee 0

So everyone preaches eat less, move more. The TV show the Biggest Loser epitomizes that. And it works short term! With highly restricted calories and excessive workouts you can loose a lot of size and weight. But as soon as you go off it, the weight rebounds back even more. […]

Yoga For Women

February 1, 2016 Amandalee 0

Did you know that Yoga is entirely designed by men for men? Women’s anatomy, hormones and cycles are different. Thanks to our friends over at MindBodyGreen for posting what you need to know. In this country, yoga is practiced more by women than men (26.4 million women practice yoga, compared to […]

Play Declines, Sensory Disorders Climb

October 29, 2015 Amandalee 0

Life as a kid has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. Kids are rarely allowed to play outside by themselves, and even indoors, play is directed by adults and aimed at learning. Kids just don’t learn to entertain themselves anymore. Pre-school used to be playing together and socializing, learning […]

Losing Weight Is Not About Food or Exercise

October 28, 2015 Amandalee 0

Most of us have been taught to think that losing weight and keeping it off long term is about what we eat and how much we exercise. Actually that is only a tiny part of it. If you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself all the diet and exercise in the world […]

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16 Minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere

October 26, 2015 Amandalee 0

MindBodyGreen has an amazing 16 minute workout. You can do it anywhere. No equipment needed. It is designed to get your heart pumping and your fat burning.  It is just 4 moves repeated for 1 minute each, then a rest period of 30 seconds to a minute, and do them […]

Epson Salts Belong In Your Medicine Cabinet

October 20, 2015 Amandalee 0

Epson salts have been used as a bath for sore muscles, but it is so much more. We go through a lot of epson salts at our house. Be sure when you buy them that they are unscented or scented with natural essential oils. Epson salts are often scented with […]

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Play is part of a healthy life

October 19, 2015 Amandalee 0

Play is an important part of a healthy life style. But, sometimes it gets out of hand. Guilty as charged. Are you Procraftinating?Absolutely Love It!!! Posted by Useful DIY on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Workout Bars Evaluated

October 13, 2015 Amandalee 0

With the focus on working out and getting your exercise, many of us have fallen for the idea that we need workout drinks and workout bars. When you check out a health food store there are pre-workout, during work-out, post-workout and more. How do you know what you need?  The […]