Losing Weight Is Not About Food or Exercise

October 28, 2015 Amandalee 0

Most of us have been taught to think that losing weight and keeping it off long term is about what we eat and how much we exercise. Actually that is only a tiny part of it. If you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself all the diet and exercise in the world […]

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Play is part of a healthy life

October 19, 2015 Amandalee 0

Play is an important part of a healthy life style. But, sometimes it gets out of hand. Guilty as charged. Are you Procraftinating?Absolutely Love It!!! Posted by Useful DIY on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Laughter Is Good For Your Memory

October 6, 2015 Amandalee 0

Laughter is good for the soul but now we know it is good for the body and mind too. New research out of Loma Linda University gives us the scoop. Watching funny movies and laughing can change your memory. Really! Have you ever tried Laughter Yoga or laughing groups? Seniors […]

Messing With Memory

October 4, 2015 Amandalee 0

Do you find yourself wondering what happened to your memory? Your mom’s loss of memory concerns you and you wonder what you can do to help? Fortunately we know a lot about memory loss and memory restoration. Your hippocampus, the brain’s memory center, is the most plastic and programmable part […]

Cashew Nuts Work As Well As Anti-Depressants

October 3, 2015 Amandalee 0

Cashews are often ignored in favor of almonds because they have more fat and are more bland tasting. But, they are packed with nutrition. Several tests have been done comparing them to anti-depressants and the news is good. Since there is little money in nutrition there are no good 3rd […]

Music Changes Us

October 2, 2015 Amandalee 0

Music plays many roles in our lives. It is proven to lower blood pressure, release pain, relieve anxiety and depression and uplift the spirit. There has been a lot of controversy over what kind of music works best. Turns out it doesn’t matter as long as it causes the listener […]

I Finally Know Why Journaling Is Hard Work

September 8, 2015 Amandalee 0

I have always disliked keeping a journal. I know some people rave by it, but…. it always seems like hard work with no payoff. I make my students do it. Journaling is┬ápart of the training. I did it when I was training but only half-heartedly. I didn’t understand what it […]