Crystal Healing – How does it work?

Healing crystals have been in use for approximately 5000 years, with some sources claiming it to be closer to 30000 years old [1]. They’re used for a variety of things, from repelling negativity and cultivating calmness, to bringing joy and stimulating intuition [2]. The modern resurgence of popularity surrounding them has brought them to the fore of the public’s consciousness, with both support and derision accruing daily.

How do they work?

The Mind Unleashed has a wonderful piece about the inner-workings of crystal healing:

Anything and everything is a potential healer. To understand this, it is important to first have some sense of how the natural holistic healing process works. First off, when we speak about the body, we are including the subtle bodies (i.e. the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies). Some things are obvious, and some things are subtle (less obvious). “Subtle bodies” is just another way of referring to the experience that surrounds your thoughts, feelings, nuances, and emotions.

Keep in mind that our entire bodily system is nothing more than energy that shows up in various patterns and densities. Our thoughts and our feelings are connected to our physical bodies and have a density of their own. We are all built pretty much the same. Diversity has its place, and we are all individuals, yet nature created patterns that work the same in all of us to keep our hearts beating, our blood flowing, and so on. When these patterns of energy work together in a balanced way then we experience our health.

These patterns can be disrupted. When this happens we experience poor health. This can be anything from a headache to the worst that you can imagine in terms of poor health, even disease. Hence the popular splitting of the word (dis-ease) for harmony feels good and disharmony doesn’t. Balance is easy on us, and imbalances feel not at ease, or dis-eased. Nature will heal itself if it can. It will if we let it. It is ourselves who distort this harmony with our lop-sided outlooks and behavior. Correcting this lop-sidedness one way or another is what healing is all about. Healing it in a natural way is much preferred.

Anything with an inherent harmony can act like a tuning fork to our poor patterns and challenge us to retune ourselves to return to the original organic natural patterns of energy that belong to our bodies. A good piece of art can work wonders, as well as music, dance, a pleasant person, or anything else exhibiting integrity in terms of energy patterns. Anything can heal us if we are open to suggestion by external tuning fork of another’s harmony. Receptivity is a necessity. Being open to it is the key.

That is to say, our body being an energetic system requires adjustment from time to time using an external object. Crystals, working similarly to a tuning fork, brings our resonance pattern back to normal (or, in the case of more advanced work, perhaps even better than normal).

Suggestions for crystals to keep on hand

Though this is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s important to know a couple go-to crystals for these uses [2,3]:

  • Jasper provides grounding; healing-wise, it stimulates blood-flow, especially to digestive and sexual organs.
  • Rose Quartz is known for strengthening the heart, removing impurities in the body, and increasing fertility.
  • Spirit Quartz provides a multifaceted approach to problems, and is thought of as a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies. It’s especially powerful for handling grief.
  • Tiger Eye is utilized for self-confidence, courage, protection and luck. Balances emotions and mitigates headaches.
  • Rhodochrosite works to increase feelings of love for oneself through increasing their self-worth.

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[Original Image] PixaBay

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