A few weeks ago I published an article explaining the difference between Genetic Engineering and natural ways of cross breeding crops. To follow that article up, there’s a documentary that I’d recommend you watch to help better understand the effects of Genetically Modified Organisms.

If you missed the previous article you can find it HERE

Here is a quick summary of what the difference is between plant hybridization and the production of GMO’s.

Hybrids are just selective breeding. When two pure organisms are crossed with each other. Like when you pollinate a plant with red flowers with one that has white flowers and it produces seeds that make pink flowers. Or like with dog breeding. This is how they make so many different varieties of apples and tomatoes.
Hybrids occur in nature so they are considered normal. GMO/Genetic Engineering is actually modifying the genes to create something that would not occur in nature. Usually they do it in a lab. Like when you put a gene from a fungus into a corn plant to make it fungus resistant.

The documentary that I recommend is  “GMO OMG”, it is a few years old, but very helpful for explaining how far Genetic Engineering has gone and how GMO’S have consumed the farming industry and our food companies. It hits many crucial points, one of them debunking the myth that GE crops produce more than Organic or Non GE. It also touches on some of the health and environmental hazards of Genetic Engineering. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately it is no longer on YouTube, however sometimes it is up and running, so make sure you check for yourself.

Click here to see the movie trailer: OMG GMO

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