I Finally Know Why Journaling Is Hard Work

I have always disliked keeping a journal. I know some people rave by it, but…. it always seems like hard work with no payoff. I make my students do it. Journaling is part of the training. I did it when I was training but only half-heartedly. I didn’t understand what it was accomplishing. Joanne Fedler on Mindbodygreen has finally given me the why. Now it makes sense. The seven benefits she outlines make so much sense:

WomanWritingInJournalINMeadow-850x400WomanWritingInJournalINMeadow-850x4001. It slows me down

I always write by hand in a beautiful journal with a pen I’ve lovingly chosen. In a digital age where I type faster than I think, the slower process of writing by hand engages the right side of my brain, yielding insights I can’t achieve when I go straight to the computer.

2. It makes me reflect.

I began writing to start a conversation inside myself when I had no one to talk to. This inner dialogue has become a silent companion to me in times of catastrophic loneliness. Reflection is a tool of mindfulness and meditation, which we now know are hugely beneficial to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. So both of these practices, which I only came to in my 20s, seemed natural to me.

3. It makes me confront my shadows and my own bullshit.

4. It helps me to let go.

5. It has helped me become more comfortable holding paradox.

6. It has been a mysterious source of manifestation.

7. It has helped me understand that I am not my stories — that my story cjournal-writinghanges — and has helped me become less attached.

Want to understand more? Read it all in Joanne’s article and she will explain the other 5 steps. Thanks Joanne for baring your writer’s soul.

And thanks for the lovely writing images

Source: Joanne Fedler


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