Loneliness Could be Killer

Loneliness may cause increased rates of heart disease, according to a new study published in Heart [1]. Emotional problems have always been linked more or less to physical health, with stress’s link with heart disease [2] being one of the most notably understood. With more mechanisms of action being detailed, we very well may be capable of minimizing these highly preventable causes. This [3] article from Inquisitr has a wonderful explanation of the specifics of the discovery:

An extensive amount of data from a succession of observational studies covering nearly 190,000 adult men and women was examined including their respective medical history of cardiovascular impairments, as well as strokes, over a span of 20 years. Follow-up assessments were subsequently carried out on these groups, in which researchers mapped out their respective levels of social isolation and loneliness. Findings of this longitudinal study brought to light some extraordinary observations, suggesting that the risk of death from heart-disease and stroke increased by massive 30 percent and 32 percent, respectively, in groups with a tendency for such risk factors.

The study concluded that social isolation and a prolonged sense of loneliness were potential risk factors for heart-disease as well as strokes in the samples covered. The group study had meticulously analyzed individual social behaviors and then correlated these with medical histories based on both fatal and non-fatal stroke-related incidents and cardiovascular events.

Beyond this, it’s very important to note that young women are apparently more susceptible than their male counterparts:

“Emerging evidence suggests that young women are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of stress on the heart, which may result in earlier onset of heart-disease or more negative health outcomes if the disease is already present. Compared to men, women have higher levels of psychological risk factors such as early life adversity, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.”

Emotional or mental trauma potentially triggers heart-disease in a number of ways, from aggravating primary risk factors, namely coronary artery disease, to actually causing fatal cardiac events. The new study seems to convincingly corroborate erstwhile research on the subject and demonstrate how isolation and loneliness may be silent, yet potentially deadly, precursors to a much more dangerous underlying medical condition that may trigger life-threatening emergency or even sudden death.

For the original article, head over here! Or, for more knowledge about emotional causes of physical ailments, check out our articles on SCOTT and Health Kinesiology!

[2]Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
[Original Image]PixaBay

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