Whether you agree or not to what extent you are to “lift the fallen”, this quote is a great reminder to us all that no matter what our purpose is on this planet, profession we hold, or beliefs we stand by, we can all be working together to hold space for others and ourselves when faced with unfamiliar situations. We have all been in that place where we feel isolated based on some of the decisions we may have made or had moments of uncertainty around the circumstances being presented to us. The last thing anyone needs when they are in a season of transformation is to be given a final verdict based on small external glances. With that being said, assuming a specific outcome in your own situation, prematurely, can be just as detrimental as having an opinion cast from someone on the outside. Both only limit your potential self, unrealized possibilities and future connections with those around you. However when we choose to be neutral and not judge, we allow space for the universe to orchestrate encounters that we might not normally choose in the first place. More often than not, those unexpected outcomes are typically exactly what or who we need to help us discover the character within, to take us to the next level in our journey. Judging creates false absolutes that do not allow ourselves nor the person or outcome we are judging to be properly experienced. At the end of the day judgement only limits our own development and creates distance in our world when everyone deserves to be connected and accepted.

Challenge yourself over the next few weeks to remain neutral when faced with something you struggle to embrace or a person who enters your life that makes you uncomfortable, remain neutral and see what you learn from yourself and your external environment.

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