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I am so glad you found this page. Are you ready to be informed, motivated, and exited about being Purposely Well. Wellness and health in today’s world don’t just happen by chance. Staying well is not the default mode for most people. ¬†You have to purpose to stay on top of it. You have to choose to be active and up to date. It is so easy to fall into harried and hurried and not take care of yourself. I hope your daily dose of Purposely Well will keep you on your journey to get and stay healthy, happy, and well. In the process those around you will be encouraged to do the same. Please comment and share, make this yours. Share what you are learning. give us feedback as you try some of the techniques and suggestions. Pass the encouragement on to your friends. We all need a little more sunshine in our lives.

I hope you will like our Facebook page and share the posts there too.

I hope this will become a community where we talk with each other and share the joys and challenges of being healthy in a stressful, sometimes toxic, world. We create our world one action and one thought at a time. Let us create a better world.

Just so you know, comments need to be respectful and non-judgmental. I hope it will generate good discussion of ideas, practices, beliefs, and hopes. Inappropriate language, personal attacks, and other unhelpful comments will be removed. I reserve the right to decide what is acceptable. Most of the time it isn’t what is said but how it is said. Let’s keep the tone encouraging and enlightening.

Looking forward to chatting regularly with you all here. Who do you know that needs a dose of encouragement and the latest information on health and wellness. Please invite them.

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