Reishi Mushrooms Really Are A Health Food.

Mushrooms have been the subject of a lot of study lately. Dr Rakowski reviews some of the current research for us. He gives us the science behind why some of the mushrooms work. This video is looking at Ganoderma Lucidum also called Reishi mushrooms. I think one of the most important studies he shares is that when scientists tired to isolate the particular part of the mushroom it didn’t work as well, no matter which part they isolated. Nature puts the nutrients in the ideal package-the whole food. It is best to use it as a whole food. It can be in capsule or powdered form but not isolated. I am not promoting the particular  brand that he is talking about and the science applies to the food, not just his brand. Have a look and see what reishi mushrooms might do for you.

Dr. Bob Rakowski on Ganoderma Lucidum:

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