Self-Help With Energy Healing

Helping one’s self with energy healing shouldn’t have to be a difficult task. Sadly, with the myriad of opinions, theories and methods, it can be daunting to begin. The best advice in this respect is that your body will tell you what’s right for you, and experimenting with the intent of helping yourself is unlikely to be harmful. Unlike many treatment options, energy healing has few to no side effects. Energy practitioners across the web echo her statement: “One highly positive aspect of energy work is that there are no risks or side effects. It ‘does no harm.'” [1]

This article [2] goes over a handful of ways you can help yourself. Try out a couple of them, and see what you feel helps.

The first and certainly the most powerful method of self-healing is consciousness directed properly toward that condition. Positive thoughts of health, healing, and of an optimistic future can change even the most dire of conditions. However, the trick here, with this positive-thought method, is a completely uninhibited belief system. A belief system containing uncertainty will, of course, diminish the effectiveness of this kind of approach. That’s why I have these other methods that follow. These other methods, coupled with this core technique, can bring about a healing, even with a belief system that is less than perfect.

Of course, the most physical way of healing (body repair) is through the Earth itself. This kind of healing involves herbs, roots, minerals, and various plant matters that is digested or applied as a tonic. This kind of treatment, though, only affects the physical body and, usually, does not treat the underlying cause, which is some abnormality in the human energy field (more on this later). A healing merely using herbs or teas will be temporary; however, the primary concern can be directed toward the body now and later, as the body gets stronger, toward the energy field. By a temporary healing, I mean that without the setting right of the energy field, the physical condition may come back or, in the very least, some other physical malady may spring forth.

Just a note here on medical science: many of medicines today are not natural in origin and, thus, tend to disrupt the body’s natural processes, depleting it of nutrients and natural-body chemicals that the body needs to help it to recover. Nonetheless, this depleting of body nutrients does not imply that this form of science does not work, because a very powerful belief system is in place around it. You believe in these substances, so therefore they are powerful body repairers. This idea goes back to the core positive-thinking healing-treatment: if you believe that you can heal or be healed, then you can. Your deep-seeded belief in these chemicals can and do bring about the body repair that you seek, despite their ability to hinder the body in that process.


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