Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Tea is amongst my favourite drinks in the world. Earl Grey tea is one of my favourite teas. I love having a nice hot cup of tea in the afternoons, especially on a chilly fall or winter day. I haven’t met many teas that I don’t like, though some of the more fruity herbal teas I find smell delicious but taste like soap. Here are some surprising health benefits of Earl Grey Tea that I didn’t know about.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea benefits includes boosting your energy level, keeping you well hydrated, promoting weight loss, strengthening the immune system, warding off cold and influenza, enhancing the skin and promoting digestion. Other benefits includes relieving stress and anxiety, improving heart health, preventing cancer and promoting oral health.

The Earl Grey tea, also known as the Earl Grey’s mixture, is among the most popular varieties of tea in the western world, especially in Europe and the British Isles. The Earl Grey Tea is named after the former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey. It is assumed that the Prime Minister once saved a Chinese mandarin’s son from drowning; hence, the grateful father presented an exquisite blend of tea as a gift. However, the exact origin of the tea remains a moot point until now.

The Earl Grey tea is not a registered trademark, but simply a type of special black tea infused with a dried rind of the bergamot orange. Back then, Chinese teas were quite expensive; thus, various companies make their own versions of the tea, mimicking its taste but many with their unique spin on taste.


The Earl Grey tea is among the most popular varieties of tea in the world, and for good reason. It is highly praised for its special flavor and numerous health benefits. Earl Grey tea can help you lose weight, improves your focus, fights oxidative stress, aids digestion, strengthens your immune system, and improves your temperament among many others.


Do you drink Earl Grey tea?

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