3 Ways to Spice Up Your Bulletproof Coffee

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Bulletproof Coffee

August 2, 2018 Amandalee 0

Bulletproof coffee has been around for a while now. I’ve tried it a few times, and while it’s ok, I don’t find that I love drinking bulletproof coffee. Then someone told me how they spice up bulletproof coffee, by adding spices like cinnamon and cloves. This intrigued me and made […]


August 10, 2017 Amandalee 0

Although cold and season is not yet here, bug bite scratches, skin rashes, splinters and scraped knees are all too common this time of year. If not treated properly, they can lead to an infection. Now, before you run to your nearest pharmacy, you might want to check out some […]

Do you know the great things ginger does for your health?

Can Ginger Help your Health?

August 11, 2016 Amandalee 0

We’ve written about the wonderful healing potential of ginger before, focusing mostly on its anti-cancer properties. However, there is much more this astounding plant has to offer. Healthy and Natural World has an amazing article on the subject: Nausea, vomiting, joint pain and even cancer – ginger root, which is […]

Research: Ginger Vs Chemo

December 5, 2015 Amandalee 0

When it comes to cancer studies, the published reviewed studies hold more weight academically. So when Universities start publishing studies showing ginger beats chemo by 10 times, we need to pay attention. Researchers are beginning to do the rigorous clinical studies pitting natural cancer killers against chemical ones. One study, […]

Ginger Beats Taxol On Cancer Stem Cells

November 17, 2015 Amandalee 0

It has been known for a long time that the cancer stem cells are what really cause cancer to come back. Most chemo treatments just make them stronger. The cancer that returns is more virulent and harder to deal with. Turns out that Ginger is very good at dealing with […]