How to Motivate Yourself Even When You Don't Feel Like It

How to Motivate Yourself Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

July 16, 2018 Amandalee 0

We all have off days when we feel like being lazy and accomplishing nothing – but sometimes it’s far too easy to constantly tell yourself, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. If you are a serial procrastinator or just find it difficult to find motivation, you might need some inspiration. When you […]

Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

July 13, 2018 Amandalee 0

We all know that we are healthier when we have less chemicals in our lives, and I’ve discovered that some times it’s very sneaky where chemicals are still hiding in things we use. Natural makeup brush cleaner isn’t something I would’ve thought of. I had a friend chatting about how […]

Do Drugs Deplete Nutrients

Do Drugs Deplete Nutrients?

July 11, 2018 Amandalee 0

There are many ways for us to get to our optimal heath and wellness. For some people that might include taking some form of medication. A question has been put forward recently about the side effects of medication, asking do drugs deplete nutrients? It’s important to know this kind of […]

Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt

Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt

May 14, 2018 Amandalee 0

I’ve had my Instant Pot for nearly six months now, and for the most part I love it! There’s one setting on it that I’m super interested in but haven’t tried yet, and that’s the yogurt. Doing a bit of research I came across this recipe for Instant Pot coconut yogurt […]

How Do Homeopathic Medicines Work?

How Do Homeopathic Medicines Work?

May 14, 2018 Amandalee 0

Homeopathic medicines are something I’m fascinated by. Imagine that the less of there is of something, the better the medicine works! And yet it they do work. I really like this explanation over on Natural Holistic Health blog. I’ve been using rescue remedy to help with all kinds of things […]

How She Naturally Conquered IBS And Gained More Energy

How She Naturally Conquered IBS And Gained More Energy

May 12, 2018 Amandalee 0

I really enjoy stories of people taking their power back and finding ways to heal themselves. Especially when they’ve been through the medical system and it has failed them. We know the western medical system is very allopathic, and only looks at us as a sum of parts, and they […]

the violet flame

The Violet Flame

May 10, 2018 Amandalee 0

I love learning new tools to help me make my life better. The violet flame is something I learned years ago. It’s a powerful energy transmuting tool that anyone can use! It’s easy. If you can picture the front door to your house in your mind, you can use the […]

Inspiring Story of Healing Crohn's and Colitis Naturally

Inspiring Story of Healing Crohn’s and Colitis Naturally

May 7, 2018 Amandalee 0

I love inspiring stories! Especially ones where people took back their power and healed themselves. However they managed it. This video is all about how Dane Healed his Crohn’s and Colitis naturally. He talks about working from within and it’s a short but very good video. What did you think? […]

sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A, a natural anti oxidant

Vitamin A the Forgotten Anti Oxidant

May 2, 2018 Amandalee 0

I’ve come to learn about the benefits of Vitamin C and D, but I hadn’t heard much about Vitamin A. It is apparently a big anti oxidant, and anti oxidants are very important for our good health. It works with eye sight as well as skin and hair. Those are […]

Clearing Energy Cords

May 1, 2018 Amandalee 0

Holistic health takes a look at the whole person. It’s important to know that as a whole person, we’re more than this physical body. We have energy systems and even though most of us are not aware of them most of the time, they are still their doing their thing. […]