Too Much Self-Control Bad for Diabetes Patients?

According to evidence published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, trying too hard to stay on-diet with diabetes may actually make things worse [1]. “People with diabetes who overexert self-control following a lapse may be especially likely to experience a subsequent relapse,” the paper’s objective states plainly, setting the stage for their novel study. As the author predicted, “Individuals who overexerted self-control after a lapse were more likely to experience a subsequent relapse […] and to do so sooner [.]”

That’s not to say that one should ignore their diet, or begin cheating on it as a habit. It’s moreover important to understand that shaming yourself for not following it isn’t helpful, and may actually make the problem worse. This work builds on the idea that self-control is a precious reservoir, and that to spend it wildly will exhaust it [2]. This phenomenon, known as ego depletion, is still contentious as detailed in this article [3], however it’s still widely written about.

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[1] Too much of a good thing? Overexertion of self-control and dietary adherence in individuals with type 2 diabetes – Nicole L. Mead et al.
[2]Ego Depletion and the Limited Resource Model of Self-Control – Ran Hassin et al.
[3]Willpower is Not a Resource – Robert Kurzban
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