Type-2 Diabetes: Yoga in the Clinic

A new study published in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation [1] points to promising news for those suffering from type-2 diabetes. The paper, a meta-analysis of 864 patients across twelve trials, points to a correlation between those that practiced yoga and positive clinical outcomes.

Type-2 Diabetes, characterized by the misuse of insulin[2] within the body, causes dangerously high blood-glucose levels. This insulin resistance can lead to a host of complications[3], including hypertension, loss of lower extremities, kidney failure and even strokes. Effecting 9.3% of Americans[4], it has an even more considerable toll on the health and wealth of the world than one might realize.

In medical approaches to the handling of this brutal disease, we often focus on reducing key indicators such as the a patient’s fasting blood-glucose (the amount of blood sugar remaining after eight hours without ingestion) or cholesterol levels.

To the surprise of nearly no one that’s familiar with the literature about yoga, it was shown to improve scores across all markers. Taking this into consideration alongside its already proven track record in protecting cognitive function, it’s no wonder it’s become a popular form of both meditation and exercise.

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[1] Journal of Diabetes Investigation
[2, 3, 4] American Diabetes Association
[Original Image] Pixabay

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