Vitamin A the Forgotten Anti Oxidant

sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A, a natural anti oxidant

I’ve come to learn about the benefits of Vitamin C and D, but I hadn’t heard much about Vitamin A. It is apparently a big anti oxidant, and anti oxidants are very important for our good health. It works with eye sight as well as skin and hair. Those are all things I’m interested in having healthy in my body.  This article from over on Natural Cures talks more about it.

Vitamin A is the often forgotten anti oxidant

Vitamin A is the often forgotten anti oxidant, yet it is so important, especially for women’s breast health. I bet most of you could tell me what the benefits of Vitamin C are? Probably the same amount of readers could list off the benefits of Vitamin E as an antioxidant. Now I am only guessing but probably very few would be able to list off the benefits of Vitamin A or what foods have the highest amount of Vitamin A in them.

As a natural health care practitioner, I believe if you give your body what your body needs and help eliminate what you body can’t use, your body will then have the ability to heal itself. Pretty strong statement but it is true. We do not command our bodies to heal a wound if we cut ourselves. The body does it all by itself.

I know there is a lot of talk about taking Vitamin A for eye sight which is true but it is also beneficial for hair, nails and skin. In my opinion it is critical for breast health.

You can obtain Vitamin A in a variety of foods starting with sweet potatoes. The orange and bright yellow foods are higher in Vitamin A such as cantaloupe, apricots, paprika, carrots and butternut squash. As well dark leafy green vegetables and some herbs are good sources of Vitamin A. You need 10,000 units of Vitamin A for a daily dose. Here is an example, 100 grams of carrots provide about 16,000 units of Vitamin A.


I love sweet potatoes, and knowing that they are high in Vitamin A makes me like them even more. What orange coloured foods do you enjoy most?

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